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 Love Again

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Here is what I have written of my historical fiction I'd have more, but I need to research more before moving on.

The last snow flakes had fallen and melted. New life was beginning; flowers were blooming and animals being born. Although for Jennifer Lansing it was still gray and cold, still winter. The coldest and longest winter she'd ever known.
The warm breeze that ruffled the skirt of her black dress felt cold as she walked to the back of the church. Grieved faces looked her way but they were looking at her father, who was leading Jennifer and her three brothers into the cemetery. This can't be real, I'm just having a bad dream, right? Jennifer thought as they approached the people who had gathered around a newly dug grave with a mound of dirt next to it. At the sight of the coffin in the grave, tears uncontrollably fell from her eyes. Jennifer could picture her beautiful mother laying inside it, lifeless.
Her incomplete family gathered at the head of the grave. She felt someone's hand slip into hers. Looking up from the ground, she saw that the hand belonged to her older brother Michael. Tears brimmed his eyes as he looked at her. I love you. They seemed to say right before the tears spilled other.
She turned her eyes back to the wooden coffin. A cold empty numbness went through her body, starting in her chest and spreading. All awareness of everyone around her shut off while she tried to remember every memory with her mother. She's just a memory, but at least not forgotten.
The memories played until Michael nudged her. Jenifer looked at him questioningly. Michael nodded to the flowers in her hand. This was the hardest part. Jenifer moved forward and slowly loosened her death grip on the wild flowers she'd gathered with a blurred vision that morning. As they left her hands, it was like that day when her mother's hand had fallen from hers, never to move again. I love you, mom. Goodbye. Jenifer felt empty as she stepped back in place and watched more flowers others had brought fall on the coffin.
People came up, said something and left. Jenifer hardly noticed as she stared at the grave. Everyone had left but Jenifer wouldn't move. She began to shake but no sound came out as she sobbed. The tears were because she felt abandoned, empty, and angry. Why did she have to leave me? I can't do this. She struggled to breathe through the growing lump in her throat. Opening her mouth, she whispers the words “I love you.” The whisper seems to hang in the air.
“Goodbye.” The word came out high and cracked at the end, but she had finally said it.
The short days when Jenifer's mother was alive had become long with the missing hole she had filled. It had been a year, but for Jenifer the hole felt just as big and empty as the day she left.
I wish you were here today. Jenifer said in her thoughts. It feels like you've been gone for a decade, not a year ago today. I miss you. Her blue eyes brimmed with tears, but Jenifer wiped them away quickly. She wouldn't cry, not in class in front of everybody.
“Jenifer, do you know the answer?” Asked the teacher.
“No, Mr. Hanson I don't.” She manged to say threw the lump that had formed in her throat.
“That's alright.” Mr. Hanson said softly before moving onto another student.
When the day at school was finally over Jenifer walked with her two younger brothers Steven and Jordan home. For Steven and Jenifer the walk was quieter then usual, but little Jordan didn't seem to notice he just kept talking about how fun 1st grade is. He doesn't know what today is or what it means. Jenifer thought slightly annoyed, but then it came to her. He probably can't remember her that well.
“Jenifer, why are you crying?” Jordan asked stopping.
“I'm missing Mommy.” Jenifer said wiping her eyes. “Do you remember her?”
“I remember her songs and that she loved me.” Jordan said solemnly.
“Yes, she did.” Jenifer said getting down on her knee. “She loved you very much.”
“And she loved you and Steven?” Jordan asked. “And Daddy and Michael?”
“Yes, she loved all of us.” Jenifer said as she lifted him onto her back, and carried him the rest of the way home.[center]
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Love Again
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